There seems to be unanimous consent that the spring stage was awesome.  The link to the leaderboard is buried below.  Like the gift shop at the end of every Disney World ride, I'll make you wade through the rest of this post's pap before you get to it.

All three days provided great weather and some fast times.  There were a few folks who even rode it twice to try and improve their first time.  There were also a few grumblings about course congestion but let's face it, even non-un-events (aka "races") have bottlenecks.  Anyone who has ever found themselves walking in the cavalcade that is the entry to the singletrack of the Firecracker 50 can attest to this.  I've actually been kicked in the face by a dismounting Jordan due to the intimacy caused by course congestion at the Dakota 50! 

One thing I am noticing about this event that I hadn't anticipated is the difficulty actually determining where people are vis a vis those around them in the standings.  The 10:00 time bonus for riding all four stages, the ability to defenestrate one's slowest time after finishing four stages and the fact that some really fast folks have only ridden two stages makes it impossible to know how this sucker will play out. Even the course has only now revealed it's true nature! 

Left:  Indian Gharial/4SOH course   Right:  4SOH course/ Indian Gharial

Left:  Indian Gharial/4SOH course   Right:  4SOH course/ Indian Gharial

One thing seems certain, Ben Parman and Linda Travis already have one hand on the prizes that don't exist....

Having ridden three stages now, I could opt out of the summer stage. Indeed, I've signed up for the Bailey Hundo and it occurs the same weekend as the summer stage.  Will I be as hard as this awful blog implies and ride a hundred miles on Saturday (assuming I finish) and the 4SOH on Sunday or Monday?  Only time will tell.

Anyway, here is the link to the final Fall + Winter + Spring Stages Results.

Stay hard.