Just a few more days to go!  For some of us, this will be our third stage which means: 1) we don't have to ride the summer stage if we don't wanna; and 2) we'll probably see some Hands On A Hardbody*-like attrition.  

*Quite possibly the greatest documentary of all time and filled with so many quotes related to perseverance on the bike that I can't do them justice here. I actually had this on VHS....but I digress.

Friday is the official March equinox but per our tradition, will start the stage on Saturday.  We're also keeping the Monday open for those  that have to work over the weekend (and because the weather on the Winter Stage's Monday was so atrocious there were zero entries and we couldn't determine how badly we need the extra day). 

What the hell is the Vernal aka March aka Spring equinox?  Find out here

According to the Internet, the March Equinox in Fort Collins occurs on Friday, March 20th at 4:45 pm MDT which puts the Spring Stage of the Four Seasons of Horsetooth on March  21st - 23rd.  

The average high on March 20th in Fort Collins is 54° F.  The average low is 27° F. The record high, set in 1997, is 78° F and the record low, set in the next year in 1998, is 17°F.