frequently asked questions

Why is the time entered on the website more than what I submitted?

Chances are you submitted the moving time. We use elapsed time...just like other timed events.

I took a wrong turn and the 4SOH segment isn’t showing up in Strava?

We tend to accept submissions that aren’t exactly the 4SOH segment if we can determine you either rode more than the 4SOH segment or it wasn’t materially different. If you just didn’t feel like doing Kimmons/Timber at the end and rode the valley in….we’re not going to accept that.

Can I start the course at a place that is different than the Timber parking lot?

Can you eat your cake before your veggies? Nope. You’d be comparing apples to oranges and the climbs/descents would all come at different points in the ride. The 4SOH Strava segment will not be triggered if you start/end and anywhere other than the Timber lot.

Can I do it on Friday?

Yes. We are an event of the people and when the people ask…repeatedly…for five years…we listen. Stages are now Friday through Monday.

How do you decide when to cancel a Stage?

If all of the 4SOH trails are open, the Stage is on.  Lory State Park takes a pretty conservative approach to trail closures and will close the trails to bikes if there’s even a little mud in the valley.  If we do cancel a Stage, either before it’s started or sometime before the end of Monday, we’ll usually extend the Stage to the following weekend.  The 4SOH Facebook group page will have the most recent updates.  

Can I ride it more than once and submit my best time?

Yes, bless you.